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Personality Quotes

You need to stop caring what people who don't matter think of you. Be who you are and let everybody else be who they are. Difference are a good thing.
- Holly Smale

We are never truly loved, until we are loved for WHO and not WHAT we are.
- Olaotan Fawehinmi

Being different is a revolving door in your life where secure people enter and insecure exist.
- Shannon L. Alder

"It's ignorant to think you know everything about a person. There's many different sides to everybody's personality and there's just different colours to a personality."
- Kelly Clarkson

"If you do not like a certain behavior in others, look within yourself to find the roots of what discomforts you."
- Bryant McGill

Personality Quotes

I don't act my age, I act my personality.
- Khaya Dlanga

"Life has a way of taking its toll on the person you thought you were."
- A.S.A. Harrison

"When you think that you are beautiful, you are liable to think that you are more beautiful than others, and such a thought is not a beautiful thought. To recognize or criticize ugliness and inferiority in others is to create the inferior and the ugly in yourself, and what you create in yourself will sooner or later be expressed through your mind and personality."
- Christian D. Larson

Personal qualities are much more important than qualifications.
- P.K. Shaw

Personality Quotes

You have to be somebody before you can share yourself.
- Jaron Lanier

It was easier to be brave when you were someone else.
- Stephen King

Your attitude defines your personality. Your personality refines your attitude. Together they make up your character.
- Tanya Masse

Sometimes you kind of lose yourself in someone else's personality.
- Julie London

If people respect your age and not your personality, then it's time for you to do some urgent introspection.
- Amit Kalantri

Personality Quotes

Let me be me, or let me be.
- Anthony Liccione

Personality is only ripe when a man has made the truth his own.
- Soren Kierkegaard

There's no right or wrong way to hurt. Everybody does it their own way. It's how we respond to pain that tells the kind of person we are.
- Bethany Crandell

Humanity is no substitute for a good personality.
- Fran Lebowitz

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.
- F.Scott Fitzgerald 

Personality Quotes

Don't worry about wanting to change; start worrying when you don't feel like changing anymore.
- Antony John

"I have a strong personality, and I say what I think."
- Penelope Cruz

When you start living under the shadow of somebody, you lose your own personality and your own passions.
- Balroop Singh

Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.
- Paul Harris

People are like icebergs, you only really see the tip of them.
- Lucas Sterk

Personality Quotes

What you feed in yourself that grows. 
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Personality is the original personal property.
- Norman O. Brown

Personality is an unbroken series of success gestures.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Be who you are and let everybody else be who they are. Differences are a good thing.
- Holly Smale

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.
- John Dewey 

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