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Welcome to WothQuotes. A new blog that contains quotes that are carefully selected for everyone, with hopes that all of the quotes here will help you find the answers that your heart and mind is looking for, and to help you find the quotes that you love.

About WothQuotes 
Driven by passion and love for Inspirational Quotes, WothQuotes was published in 2015. It was built from tears, many sleepless nights, panic, perseverance, motivation, a strong will to learn, and dreams by Poet, Kartika Atmadja, an Indonesian who lives in Singapore and loves to write inspirational quotes based on how she feels, learn, and see.

You may also visit her poetry blog, kartika Atmadja Poetry to read her poetry or visit her on g+, Instagram and Facebook.

Seek For Understanding 
This site is operated by only one person and she seeks for your understanding as WothQuotes is not as developed compared to bigger websites. WothQuotes will try and do its best to have more quotes and make this small site up to date.
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