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Quotes by Robert Tew 

Inspiring Quotes by Robert Tew

• If love becomes too painful, then it's time to let that love go and save yourself. You have to keep this in mind because you'll be able to find another love but not another self. 

• Trust yourself. You've survived a lot, and you'll survive whatever is coming.

• It's okay to get lost every once in a while, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves.

• Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.

• Don't ask why people keep hurting you. Ask yourself why are you allowing it to happen.

• Don't lower your standard to keep anyone. If they're not making you happy, it's time to find someone who does.

• Strength of a character isn't always about how much you can handle before you break. It's also about how much you can handle after you've broken.

• Sometimes you have to love people from a distance and give them the space and time to get their minds right before you let them back into your life.

• If your partner isn't bringing out the best in you, you're in the wrong relationship. 

• Don't expect to see positive result changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people.

• Stop fighting yourself and accept where you are in life. Let this time in your life motivate you to let go of all the things that are holding you back.

• Life is short and unpredictable. Don't waste another minute on people, places and things that don't make you happy.

• A person who doesn't value you is blocking you from the one who will. Let them go.

• Just because you have a past with someone, doesn't mean you should have a future with them.

Inspiring Quotes by Robert Tew

• Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself.

• It takes a lot of courage to push hard times. Never give up.

• Broken people are beautiful. They have to put themselves back together every day.

• Just because you've made mistakes doesn't mean your mistakes get to make you. Take notice of your inner critic, forgive yourself, and move on.

• Positive results will come when you start to replace your negative thoughts and habits with positive ones.

• Until you see fear as an opportunity for growth, you won't grow beyond your current self.

• Stop giving love to those who don't return it.

• Pain is temporary. Love is forever, don't make it the other way around.

• I like being alone because I value my peace of mind.

• Stop looking for partner. Focus on your goals and rebuilding your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you.

• Create space in your life for people who deserve it.

• What you deny or ignore, you delay. What you accept and face, you conquer.

• I'm sorry I changed... Life force me to grow.

• If you don't appreciate her, you don't deserve her.

Inspiring Quotes by Robert Tew

• If you don't see your own value, don't expect others to do as well.

• Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because finally realize our own.

• Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head, raise the rent and kick them out.

• Everything you go through grows you.

• Every time you get upset at something, ask yourself If you were to die tomorrow, was it worth wasting your time being angry?

• Don't fall in love with someone who say the right things, fall in love with someone who does the right things.

• Appreciate what you have while you still have it because one day you won't.

• Don't torture yourself over the past. Use it as a teacher. Whatever happened to you in the past, has only prepared you for now.

• Sometimes you need to be alone to reflect on life. Take time out to take care of yourself. You deserve it.

• Don't live your life with anger and hate in your heart as you will only be hurting yourself more than the people you hate.

• The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don't give up.

• It's a lot harder to get someone out of your life than it is to let them in. So taken your time!

• Some won't appreciate you no matter how much you do for them. Release yourself. Go where you're appreciated and understood.

• You'll never understand me as long as you're looking at me through society's lenses.

• There's no need to look back. What's behind you is smaller than what's in front of you.
• Complaining is a a complete waste of one's energy. Those who complain the most accomplish the least.

• It doesn't really matter who you used to be, what matters is who you've become.

• To be happy, you must let go of all the negative beliefs, emotions and people that are holding you back in life.

• Thing will start changing for the better when you begin trusting yourself.

• Don't judge someone's choice without first knowing their reason.

• Respect yourself enough to let go of someone who doesn't see your worth.

• Be with people who like you for who you are, not what you have.

• You will learn to make better decisions in life with experience and time.

• Challenge yourself everyday to do better and be better.

• In the midst of your struggles, you will find a reason to keep going. Don't give up!

• You can't always please everybody, but you can do what makes you happy and just have hope that those around you will be happy for you.

• The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to enjoy.

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